Loyal, loving, and patient. Meet Buddha, aka the Beast.

Beast, like the fictional character he's named after, is actually not very beastly at heart. He is known as Buddha in our home, named in high hopes of the gangly puppy become a gentle giant of a dog. We hit the jackpot with this guy.

Buddha is a Foxfire Doberman, known for their stellar temperaments and beautiful lines. After thorough research, an application process, and discussing our family with Michelle Santana, the highly esteemed breeder, she matched us up with one of her puppies in early 2013.

Just like Rabbit, he was drawn to our daughter, Siena. He could not resist her gentle nature, and soft words and hands. Likewise, Buddha's mellow personality and thirst for affection found the attention of our little girl. Although he is trained by the adults in the family, he finds true companionship in his human counterpart.