Sweet, fun, and gentle. Meet Siena, aka the Cutie.

Cutie is our three year old Korean American girl who is best friends with her big Doberman. Her laughter rings through the house when he fetches for her, she giggles in glee when she feeds him his favorite snacks, but most of all, she loves to just hang out with her best friend in gentle harmony.

Let's praise her first dog Rabbit, a tiny long coated Chihuahua who was drawn to her the moment we brought baby Cutie home from the hospital. Now we had two little cuties, always cuddling and sharing their little bodies of warmth and smelling of milk. Tummy time would mean Rabbit bracing one side of Cutie as she practiced head raises. Car rides would mean forgoing the lap of mom for the lap of Cutie in her car seat. I'd always smile when I heard her giggle in the backseat and spy Rabbits fluffy tail frantically wagging in the rearview mirror. Rabbit taught our daughter that dogs were friendly, cuddly companions. She showed her that gentle treatment was rewarded with a warm, fluffy companion and wet kisses. What a little pair.

Two little cuties, little mini bffs, until one day Rabbit tragically killed in an accident. A jogger didn't see her and kicked her as he ran past. That was it for small dogs, at least for the time being.

We decided to get a big, strong, dog.

After more than a year of mourning, research, and waiting, we got Buddha.