Where did you get Buddha?
Buddha is from Foxfire Dobermans. Michelle Santana has won several breeder awards for her outstanding work and dedication to the breed.

Why did you choose a Doberman?
After losing a small dog, we wanted a bigger, stronger dog. Also we've always loved the aesthetics of Dobermans and wanted a watchdog for the house.

How old is Buddha?
He was born February 25th 2013.

How old is Siena?
Siena is currently three years old.

What nationality is Siena?
She is Korean American.

Where did you train Buddha?
He was trained at home for the most part. We referenced the training from Kikopup videos on YouTube. We also did a few classes at Seattle Dog Works for professional tips, advice, and puppy socialization classes. .

Do Cutie and Beast ever fight?
Not in the normal sense. Buddha never gets upset with Siena although Siena may sometimes tire of his constant need for attention. He also likes to partly lay on her and if you can imagine, he is nearly triple her weight. She will bear the discomfort for the cuddles, but has to move him off of her after a little while when her legs start to go numb.

Why did you crop his ears?
We researched the breed and found the best breeder we could find who did all the genetic health testing and bred for temperament as well as looks. She has all her puppies ears done by a professional vet before going to their new homes. They are properly anesthetized and treated with utmost care. They were posted until he was 6 months. We were not able to find any reputable breeders who left their ears natural.

What do you feed Buddha?
We rotate between Orijen Fish and a variety of raw meats. We add a touch of vegetables to his diet, too, like Green JuJu.

How clean is he? He's around your daughter and on your furniture all the time.
We lightly spritz him down with waterless shampoo and wipe his feet with disinfectant wipes after every walk. We bathe him every month.

How is he so calm?
Exercise, exercise, and more exercise. At least three times a day, to be more precise. He's generally more calm than most dobies his age, but it also helps that he is exercised properly at a minimum of three hours a day. We also used calming techniques to encourage his mellow behavior.

Why did you go to a breeder instead of adopting?
Once we decided on a Doberman, we did look at rescues for a few months. However, because we have a very young child and understand the multiple genetic issues that the breed can have, we preferred to know the full history of our new family member. Adoption is great and we encourage it! It was just not right for us at the time. Reputable breeders are wonderful, too - they carefully screen new homes for their show and pet quality dogs, contractually insist upon neutering and spaying, and welcome back any and all of their pets should the circumstances not work out as expected. Once your application has been approved and a puppy adopted, you are part of the breeder's family for life. It's the backyard breeders who churn out puppies just for profit, encourage more breedings of their offspring to their "customers," and don't accept "returns." For a list of reputable breeders, check out www.dpca.org for more information.

Is Buddha very protective of Cutie?
Generally, Buddha is a very friendly dog. He loves people, dogs, and has a soft spot for all children. There have been a few instances where he caught a bad vibe from someone and refused to let them come between himself and Siena. A K-9 officer once said to us, "I've trained Dobermans and German Shepherds. GSDs are amazing and follow direction perfectly. Dobermans however, are better skilled at making their own decisions on who they find a threat. You may not know it, but they will, and they will let you know." Perhaps this is just one opinion of a professional trainer, but it at least seems to ring true with Buddha.

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